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We help the Afghan people because the Taliban ruled the government long before US forces exited the country. They are responsible for the country's socioeconomic downfall while spreading terror among their constituents. Because there are no international economic interests in helping people from Afghanistan, we face a new hell on earth in danger of being forgotten like Sahara or Palestina. There's no international help for this country, human rights are at stake, and the brutal torture of men and women continues daily. We do this because, as humans, we need to help one another. We do this to shed light on an inhumane situation so no one can forget the people of Afghanistan. We won't forget you.


The Afghans seeking our help have been targeted or persecuted by the Taliban and need protection outside the country's borders. Our mission is to help these men and women find safe havens. We begin by assisting refugees in securing interviews with Spanish embassies in neighboring countries. We help them travel to a secure place in Irán or Pakistan and wait for an interview that will proportionate a refugee visa in Spain. These procedures can be strenuous and last from six months to a year. Currently, we are prioritizing single mothers with no income- a women's right to work is denied in Afghanistan- to survive by providing them with financial means for food and living costs.

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We have under our protection more than 90 single mothers that have been abused by their own husbands, in a very delicate mental health situation that needs urgent economical and emotional help. One of our activies is searching for “godmothers” or “madrinas” for them.

Godmothers or godfathers can be also a group of friends or a whole family! You can share the expenses of one afghan woman in gorup so it’s not that big compromise every month! It’s only 70 – 150€/ month. This help pays food and a home and let them survive while waiting for an interview with the embassy. Some of our godmothers also give emotional help and conversation to these women who are trapped and hidden in a room. This gives them hope.

For more info about how to become a godmother, please send an email.